Friday, July 24, 2009

Shell Boutonnieres

My Folly Beach Bride is doing boutonnieres made out of shells. The groom will have orange spray roses and shells and their son will have a mini-me version of his dad's, but the other men will have all shell boutonnieres. I'm playing around with sizes, shapes, weights, etc. The men won't be wearing jackets, so they need to be light enough to hang well on linen shirts without sagging or pulling at the material.
Here are my inspiration pictures:
These from Martha Stewart Weddings are so super cute! I love how they use just one type of shell each and a little ribbon and let the natural beauty of that shell show. I also really like the way that they pin into the shirt/jacket and do not have a "stem."

I love this one with the assorted shells and the orange ribbon as well. It is made by fritts rosenow of rosenow floral design. It just so happens that the bride is using orange, too! But I think this one would get too heavy for the linen shirts, so I'm playing around with different adhesives and ways to hide the pin to make it work.
Here are a few so far. All with the exception of one are meant to pin into the shirt like the first set of inspiration photos. I'm going to play around with some more tonight, so stay tuned!

I love these auger shells!

I would use a real leaf in the real version.

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